Free cokes for the first perfect inspection; cokes & franks for 3 in a row

Clutching those old green coke bottles on the porch of the Canteen while getting up the nerve to enter & dance at a social

Being "docked" from a social for getting caught in a raid

The 1/2 lake test

"Gigi" and "Camelot" over the PA ad nauseum

At least once a year someone disconnecting the PA wires or stealing the bugle call records

Getting to raise the flag for your birthday

Sleepouts in the woods complete with skinny dipping & ghost stories around the campfire (Rominy Gruen lives!)

Bowling in Jeffersonville

Sneaking rye bread into the bunk for post-lights-out illicit sandwiches from a hidden salami stash (brought by visiting parents)

Your annual supply of pistachio nuts from home

Do you remember that guy on the kitchen staff who played the spoons? Charlie "Ox!!"

Going to boys' camp to use the trampoline

Hiking the 4 miles into Kauneonga (where lunch was those wonderful tuna fish sandwiches) for ice cream sodas at Newman's and pizza at DiLeo's. Then riding back to camp in the back of Jerry Lorber's pick-up truck

Water-skiing in Kauneonga Lake

Horseback riding outside the corral (off camp property) and strutting past the other camp's entrance

Roller skating in the boy's rec hall

Lucifer the skunk

Swimming "buddies" and "triple-buddies"

Buddy tags

Playing jacks and pick-up sticks in the bunks on rainy days

Nok hockey

"Frenching" a bunkmate's (or better yet, a counselor's) bed