Remember all that graffiti we put on the walls of the bunk? Who loved who (that week), quips and quotes? Well...this graffiti wall is here to spark some Ranger memories. Got any to add? Send them to me and I will.


Aunt Ruth

"Irv, come to one and a half. Irv to one and a half!"

"The Great Waconda!"

Ranger Square Garden

Sundae on a Sunday!

"Longs over shorts!"
"Under and over, under and over girls - long over short & peel off later..."

"Quiet Please, Attention Boys Camp,Dedicated to ..."


Intercamp Games

Getting paddled in front of the camp at the flagpole

Color War!!
False color war breaks
Real color war breaks
Being selected a color war general
Rope burning
Marching everywhere
The final night's sing
Theme Plaques

Vera's Boat Club

The Carnival at Boy's Camp:
Boy's camp transformed into the "Big Top!"
Dunk the Counselor
Finally getting to see what the boy's bunks looked like inside!
Shaving cream and water balloons

Friday night services in the boy's rec hall

Saturday night shows


Uncle Lou's headlights and flashlight

The bushes behind the infirmary

Raids to the other campus.

Aunt Carol and Aunt Jean

Cookies and milk after rest hour

The maple tree

Being O.D.


Salamander hunting

The big rock behind girl's Bunk 14

Aunt Ruth chasing bats

Johnny Mathis on the loudspeaker for second half of rest hour

Rominy Gruen
The Cropsy Maniac

The Guest House

Hair washes by Aunt Jean in the wash house

The last night of camp
The candle ceremony
Gathering around the flagpole, singing and crying