Color War

Isn't it interesting how Girl's camp used the "E" and Boy's camp the "A" spelling of Grey?? Help fill in these names from both camps and let's add years.

Color War Teams

YEAR Girl's Grey Girl's Red Boy's Gray Boy's Red
1947 Mercurys or
New Yorkers
1958 Bombardiers      
1959 Gamblers Music Men    
1960 Rebels Atoms Olympians Knights
1961 Collegians Red Conquerors Greeks Yeomen
1962 Gauchos Rhythms Samurai Satans
1963 Genies Broadway Legion of Grey Scots
1964 Sabras Royalty Gens de Guerre Buccaneers
1965 Patriots Spanish Red Arabians Cossacks
1966 Generation of Gray Apache Red Rebel Gray Caballeros
1967 Covenant Odyssey Visigoths Psychedelic
1968 Carousel of Grey Red Warriors Haganah Commandos
1969 Nature Civilization Celestial Argosy Renaissance
1970 Hillbillies City Slickers Sorcerers Reaching Red Hope
1971 Reflections of Grey Fantasy of Red Atlanteans Prehistoric Red
1972 Spirit of '76 Roaring Twenties Spirit of '76 Roaring Twenties
1974 Toyland Circus Chevrolet Travelers of Time
1975 Video Grey Comic Book Red Organic Grey Centurions
1976 Beatlemania Bobbysockers Gotham Gray Symphonic Red
1977 Galaxy Oceanic Red Galactic Guardians Reincarnated Red
1978 New York Grey California Red Gusto Grateful Red
1979 Classical Grey Treasure Island Red Piece of Mind The Red Limit
1980 Antique Grey Windows of the World Big Gray Suit Freedom Fighters
1981 Stagelight Grey Rollercoaster Train of Desire Realization Red
1982 Games People Play Shades of Red Beyond the Gray Wall  
YEAR Girl's Grey Girl's Red Boy's Gray Boy's Red