e) Dress of campers is limited to uniform of dress.
f) Comic songs must be cleared through Mr. or Mrs. Turner. There is a limit of ten verses.
g) Some sort of wooden form, containing the team name and the names of the team leaders will be presented and will be hung in the dining hall.
h) Plaque presentation will be made at the sing.

1) The wooden shape may not be altered.
2) Design must show theme.
3) Must be durable (not flammable, breakable, etc.)
4) Most include theme name and year.

i) Point value of Sing-

Plaque 25-20 split
March 30 split
Comic Song 35 split
Alma Mater 35 split
Decorum 0-10 each

8) Relay Races

a) Four teams in each division will be racing - 2 Red and 2 Grey teams.
b) All campers must participate. Should a team be short in any division a camper may be used a second time. However, All campers in that division must have already participated before a girl is used a second time.
c) As each person on a team finishes her race, she must return to the back of her line and sit down.
d) The winning team will be the first team sitting in a line.
e) There will be two points awarded for first place and one point for second place in each race.
f) The scores of all events will be added together to determine winner of the entire event.
25-15 split

Point deductions

a) One point will be subtracted improper clothing at any time.
b) One point will be subtracted for cursing or swearing.
c) One point will be subtracted for lateness.
d) Five points will be subtracted for any evidenced lack of proper counselor supervision.
e) Five points will be subtracted for failure to comply with any rule.

Divisional Relay Races

Inter Division 1) Potato Sack race
2) Running Race
3) Walking backwards race
4) Under and Over race
Debteen Division 1) Dribbling and shooting baskets
2) Wheelbarrow
3) Jumping Rope
4) Hopping Race
Seniors and Super Seniors 1) Blanket Race
2) Backwards crab race
3) Three legged race
4) Clothing race
Captains will meet judges at rest hour before the races for explanations and gathering material.