h) both teams must burn the rope through completely.
i) Each team will be given 15 matches. Extra matches may be procured from a judge sitting on the rock (two matches at a time). Only to fire builders may procure extra matches.
j) The box is mandatory; no teepees allowed.
k) Those people working on the fire must be properly dressed to do so. There must be tied back, short-sleeved shirts are in order, and all exposed skin must be vaselined.
l) Each team will be provided with a garbage pail of water with which to put out their fire.
m) A 15 point deduction will be taken if the area isn't cleaned by the next morning.
25-15 split


Teams will present their theme on the evening of the second day of Color War (Saturday) at the girl's basketball court. Each team must:
a) demonstrate evidence of all divisions participating in the presentation
b) have a banner and skit demonstrative of theme. Souvenirs for the judges are appropriate at this time.

Banner 25 split
Skit 35 split
Decorum 5 split
Use of team 20 split
NOTE: Originality is of the utmost importance in the judging of banner and skit


a) All campers, counselors, CITS, Aides must participate
b) Should the two teams be uneven, the team with the greater number will subtract participants from appropriate divisions to equalize the teams.
c) The teams will get up in the following order: Inters, Debs, Seniors, Superseniors, counselors
d) Any ball thrown over the red fence will be called a home run. Any ball that bounces over the red fence is a double.
e) Further ground rules will be explained by the judges at the time of play.
f) Any team member that was eliminated in Round the Bases MAY NOT BE ELIMINATED FROM THIS EVENT.

Point Distribution: 50-35 split


a) All campers must participate. Should a team be short in any division, a camper may be used to a second time. However, all campers in that division must have already participated before a girl is used a second time.
b) Lineups must be handed to the judges the night before the event.
c) Counselors must be assigned to designated areas


a) no formation
b) lyrics for songs must be original
c) Song sheets may be used
d) Souvenirs may be presented to the judges only at the Presentation and the Sing.