Lineups and Dining Room:

1) There will be formal lineups before each meal and before milk.
There will be formation at morning and evening lineups.
The only silent meal will be diner.
The point distribution will be as follows:
Breakfast and Lunch: 3 points lineup
3 points exit from the dining room
Milk: 5-2 split; includes milk song
Diner: 5 points lineup
3 points dining room decorum
3 points exit

2) One meal will be silent. Counselors may only speak to campers and waiters about substitutions.
3) There must be ONE INTER counselor at an INTER table.
4) Tables may not be moved.
5) Singing in the dining room is by permission of the judges only.
6) Only one cheer will be allowed during a meal; permission from the judges must be obtained.
7) Every camper, CIT, or AIDE and counselor must be present at all meals.
8) Tables must be cleaned at the end of each meal.
9) Upon leaving the dining room, the team must remain in formation until the entire team is past the red fence.
10) No team may leave until all campers have completed their meal.

Equipment and Inspection:

1) The Red Team is responsible for all equipment in the morning; the Grey Team is responsible for all equipment in the afternoon. Equipment must be signed out. One point will be deducted for each piece of equipment left on the field.
2) Inspection: There will be TWO inspections daily:

Monday P. M.: Grey - outside; Red - inside.
Tuesday A.M.: Red - outside; Grey - inside.
Tuesday P.M.: Grey - outside; Red - inside.
Wednesday A.M.: Gray - outside; Red - inside.
Wednesday P.M.: Red - outside: Gray - inside.
Thursday A.M.: Grey - outside; Red - inside.
Thursday P.M.: Red - outside; Grey - inside.

NOTE: Each camper, CIT or AIDE and counselor is responsible for her own bed, cubbies, and shelves. Beds will be stripped if unsatisfactory. Surprise inspection will also be at the judges discretion. The CIT or AIDE assigned to shift will be responsible for cleaning the G.C.O. and equipment shack.