General Information

f) Rest Hour: Everyone must be on their beds or their porches during the second half. There will be 4 red and 4 grey rest hour and evening O.D.'s assigned and their names handed to the judges for approval at breakfast each day.
g) All lights must be turned off 15 minutes after curfew and all girls must be in bed and quiet.
h) Team leaders must present to the judges the infirmary count at morning and evening lineups.
i) NO ONE is permitted to be on the guest lawn without the permission of the judges
j) Campus Responsibilities:
1) To keep the waterfront clear of personal belongings
2) To refrain from damaging or painting camp property

5) Rules Governing Participation
a) Each camper must participate in all activities unless excused by the doctor. A camper may not participate in more than one activity during the same game period without permission of the judges. No counselor is to participate in field activities.
b) Each team must assign at least one counselor to each event. Names of counselors and participants MUST BE HANDED TO THE JUDGES AT THE MEAL PRECEDING THE EVENT. Permission for changes in these lists must be received from the judges no later than 15 minutes before the event is to be played.
c) Protests must be in writing and signed by the General of the team (after consultation with the camper and counselor advisor)
d) General swim is not included in the color competition. However, all general swims must be attended by everyone for the duration of the swim. Each camper must bring a towel, robe or a sweatshirt, and must be wearing footgear.
e) Each team must supply one CIT or AIDE for each shift. There are two shifts and one free play shift daily. No CIT or AIDE MAY HAVE TWO CONSECUTIVE SHIFTS.
f) Each team must supply 4 counselors for OD. No counselor may pull OD more than once.