General Information

1) Job of Counselor Advisor: The advisor is the chief counselor. She is responsible for the delegation of responsibility (i.e. the assigning of counselors to O.D., activities, and song writing tasks, to make sure that lineups are complete and handed to the judges). She is therefore, responsible to the general of her team and is to function only in supervisory capacity.

2) Job of the Camper Advisor: A) May be a CIT or an AIDE
B) She is responsible to the General and to the Counselor Advisor
C) She is responsible for assigning CITS and AIDES to shifts and tasks
D) Camper Advisors may not pull O.D. (nor CITS nor AIDES)
E) She will aid the camper captains in setting up the lineups
F) She will make sure that all lineups
G) She will make sure that all lineups are handed to the general

3) Waitresses A) May participate in any Super Senior or Counselor Activity
B) Will participate in any activity that involves the entire team
C) Will be expected to attend all evening activities and participate with her team

4) A Ranger Girl's Responsibilities:
a) to write a letter or postcard home daily which will be collected by the judges at flag lowering. Each girl must also have a tissue at every lineup
b) to wear proper clothing for weather changes. Socks and laced shoes must be worn during morning and evening lineups (no clogs, sandals, etc.)
c) to be well groomed. No clips, rollers, etc. NO hats at lineups or meals
d) to stay in bed until reveille (with the exception of team leaders who may have an extra 15 minutes).
e) to be in bed at curfew.

Inters ..... 9PM
Debs .....9:30PM
Seniors ....10PM
Supers .....11PM
Team Officers ....11PM
Camper Advisor ...11:30PM
Counselors and Waitresses ...11:30

Extended curfew must be requested from the judges