APACHE RELAY - continued

1.Girl who runs to upper tennis court and those three perfect serves; hand ball to
2. Girl who runs to the flagpole and gives a five sentence speech on "What Camp Ranger Means to Me;" hand ball to
3. Girl who runs to the softball field and hits a ball to the squash court (must pass the shortstop position on a fly); hand ball to
4. Girl who runs to the flagpole and shaves a balloon with a safety razor; hand ball to
5. Girl who walks backwards to home plate, spins around 5 times, and then runs the bases without going out of the baseline; hand ball to
6. Girl who walks from baseball field to Bunk 15 with Inter girl #4 on her back; hand ball to

1. Girl who at Bunk 15 will unscramble a word given to her by a judge with the help of girl #12 from the Senior Division and then runs to the GCO porch and hand ball to
2. Girl who runs down to the waterfront, counts by 2's to 100; hand ball to
3. Girl who paddles out on a surf (up to the end of the dock), stands up on it, does a Tarzan yell, gets back down and paddles back, hand ball to
4. Girl who goes to the dock, jumps, into the deep area, swims to the raft where she kisses BETH, screams hallelujah, jumps back into the water and swims back to the dock; hand ball to
5. Girl who runs to Bunk #7 where she will dress an INTER in rain gear, complete with galoshes; hand ball to
6. Girl who runs to the Rec Hall and sings an old Color War Alma Mater; hand ball to
7. Girl who runs to Bunk #12 and short sheets a counselor's bed; hand ball to
8. Girl who runs to porch of dining room and polishes the nails of one of her hands, each nail a different color; hand ball to
9. Girl who walks down the steps and then crawls to the milk tree; hand ball to
10.Girl who runs to the bench outside of Bunk 20 and writes down the names of all the girls in her bunk spelled backward; hand ball to
11.Girl who eats 1 cracker with peanut butter on it and whistles one verse of "Yankee Doodle" and runs to Bunk #16; hand ball to
12.Girl who chews two pieces of bubble gum and blows 3 consecutive bubbles and runs to the basketball court; hand ball to
13.Girl who completes jump rope five times backwards; hand ball to
14.Girl who hops to Bunk CIT 1 and drinks 1 cup of "Cool Ranger Spring Water;" hand ball to
15.Girl who runs to Bunk 16, fills a cup with water from the bathroom sink, and carries it back to the gymnastics area spilling not more than 1/4 of a cup; hand ball to
16.Girl who dumps the water on her own head, sings "How Dry I Am" and runs to the AIDES Bunk; hand ball to
17.Girl who is in bed, under the covers and in pajamas, she must wash her face, brush her teeth, put on makeup (eye line, shadow, mascara, blush and lipstick) and get dressed and run to the flagpole where she will sit down at the end of the line. The rest of the team is in line (ALL campers AND counselors) in SIZE ORDER and when the last girl is present and in her place, the general says: "All Beautiful Ranger Girls Are Present and Accounted For"