Camp Songs

Red Razzes '81 Tune: We are the Ranger Girls

These are our comic songs
So please don't take them wrong
Cause they're just jokes you see
Not what they seem to be
So let's have some fun
Make fun of everyone
We've tried to write our best
Our words are all in jest

Marni: "Yo adviser, what's up?"
To: Michael row your boat ashore
Michael (a different tone) loves Rachel's style
0h Cornelius
Just kidding
Tune: Consider Yourself
A unicorn you are
that baseball hat stays on
with chilly Mike's satin jacket you're not Neal
And Honey Child, that's the deal
Mike: And you know that!!

(Tune Hey Rock)
"Why can't he just getting through his head, it's over, it's over now"

Tune: Jello
Watch them wiggle
see them jiggle
Steven, I mean Joe
I mean Michael loves them
Gluggle, Gluggle, Gluggle

To: Copacabana
They call her crispy
she's just a counselor
playing volleyball for fun
time spent laying in the sun

She doesn't eat fast
her table's out last
don't try to get to close or nearby
You'll end up with a black eye

She breaks wood right in two
wears hat of gold and blue
doesn't need to much proof
just one hundred and two

She is the CO coordinator
all we can say to you is later
She is the CO coordinator
muscles a hopping
carrots she is a popping
she's a critter for ever more

Joci Kuba
Tune: a Hello Dolly
Hey Lieutenant
Yeah it's you, Lieutenant
So you say those people don't have any class
You think you're there Kooba
You're no where Kooba
And you won't get any farther playing truth or dare
You're such a pest Kooba
Where's your chest Kooba
though you'd love to have the bra size of a D
So Lieutenant, you're such a sport
Too bad Joel's a bit too short
There's one thing we would like to say
this question has been on our minds all day
Catch those guys before they get away

Tune: I Feel Pretty - Robin
Everyone clapping
Spoken: QUIET!!
There was Adam
Todd and Scott
Three guys in one summer's a jam
but they'd dump me
if they knew how inexperienced I am
Spoken: We know from Debra's spying
What a body
Loved by Scotty
A pity it's not what you think
Hey Lieutenant
As an athlete, you truly stink!
cut off shirts
curly locks
but Robin you're not such a fox!
Hey Schwartz - what happened to Tuchband??

Tune: Candy Girl (Wendi)
The general (do-do-do-do-do-do)
Oh Jimmy Jimmy (do-do-do-do-do-do)
you dream about him all the time (1-2)
you're such a ninny (do-do-do-do-do-do)
oh fishy (do-do-do-do-do-do)
0h Jimmy Jimmy (do-do-do-do-do-do)
what about Panico
did you give him up for Jimmy? (do-do-do-do-do-do)
oh Jimmy, Jimmy (do-do-do-do-do-do)
oh Jimmy Jimmy

Just Ellen & Eileen:
Hey general - Do you have soap in your eyes?
Quiet Please - Nice to grow in one year
Just Ellen & Eileen & Vicki:
That is grow up or out??

She is the counselor of the CITs
Yes the CITs
Sure the CITs

Judy placed her where she fits
Yes she fits
sure she fits
But she wants to go down to Munchkin Land
(Tune: High Hopes)
Cause she's in love
It is true love
She thinks he must have been sent from heaven above

Leaders: What are you doing Monday, Jill?
Girls: Laundry
Leader: What are you doing Tuesday, Jill?
Girls: Its my girl's day off
Leaders: What are you doing Wednesday Jill?
Girls: It's my day off
Hey Jill - Tough Job
Leaders: What are you doing Thursday, Jill?
Girls: Going out to eat with my girls
Leaders: What are you doing Friday, Jill?
Girls: Going to the cornfields and we're going to be happy
Vernon Valley. V.V., Lollipops

Those are our comic songs
We hope you laughed along
The time went by so fast
We hope you had a blast
There are no feelings hurt
We left out all the dirt
We tried to write our best
Our words were all in jest.


It's been a great Color War - WE LOVE YOU!!