Camp Songs

1981 Girls Red Team Songs

Red Team Presentation March
(Tune: One)
Roll...on our rollercoaster
life is a game we play
Times...may be getting harder
but things look brighter each day

With help from our friends we will reach the top
And once we get started we'll never stop

Life...doesn't always work right
its got its ups and downs
But...if we keep plugging
We'll make smiles out of frowns

Our dreams are much too important to leave behind...
Who knows there may be a pot of gold to find...
Love, always helps the problem
it is the key to all hearts
We've got to keep on growing
and keep playing our parts

We'll stick out our chins and grin
then we'll fight until we win
We are, We are...We Are RED!!

Red Team March
Tune: Don't Rain on my parade

Grey team you better watch your step tonight
Red team is here to show you how to fight
We're gonna be around to let you know who shines.

We've been thru victory and through defeat
No challenge is to great for us to meet
The red team will coast and knock grey off our tracks

Just call it curtains
you've missed your cues
Red Rollercoaster has shut your power
you're weaker by the hour
Stagelight it's your closing night

Grey team its time to change to the next scene
We're rolling now and living all your dreams
The red team will coast and knock gray off our tracks
We're gonna win, we know how!
Yes, watch us here-watch us now
We're striving right to the top
We'll watch your gray curtain drop!
Red team will take to the sky
Right off the tracks we will fly!!!
Red Rollercoaster, striving high

Red Alma Mater
by Marla Porter
Tune: Theme from Ice Castles

1. Please don't let this summer end
Love is what makes a friend
Combining strengths to carry on
Special times of love and care
We triumph through despair
In camp we live
In unity as one

2. Chills show overwhelm our hearts
Escape sadness that starts
And learn things that we never knew
Erase the fears of yesterday
Accept the world today
And shout as one
Fulfilling cries in pride

3. And if by chance we see
A memory that will make our hearts cry
Ranger magic moments will not die

4. Think of all the times we spend
Let's hold on till the end
And value times we won't forget
Children laugh in summer sun
Life's fortunes will live on
Lives separate Ranger, we thank you for the love