Camp Songs

Original Camp Ranger alma mater to the tune of an Indian song "Running Bear":

After the close of winter's day,
the train of blue sky's we follow.
Swift as an arrow on its way,
to trails of Ranger hallow.

There peace and happiness we know,
with never a care for tomorrow,
spirit and sportsmanship we show,
and there's no time for sorrow.

We sing with joy and exaltation
victorious banners wave.
Midst every triumph and tribulation
our youthful voices say. (Seniors would sing out -our counselor's never shave)

Thus we will show our loyalty,
to you we will raise a shrine.
faithful always to your memory,
of camps alone you shine.
Camp Ranger.

1971 Reflections of Grey (tune: Here, There and Everywhere)

Rays, shining on glistening dew
Wind whispering softly awakens the day
Birds on the wing
Come greeting a timid morn.

Sun, travels an arc through the sky
Look at our lives as they're hurrying by
We're not aware
That we must begin to care....

About the simple things
The laughter and a freedom that the summer brings
Stars that glimmer oh so bright
The moon at night...

Drawing the curtains of life
Ending our drama, our cycle of time
Moments we shared
And eternal friends who care

Ranger ... our hearts are there.

Red Team Alma Mater Tune: Nights in White Satin

Summer is ending
Friends go their way
Vowing to keep in touch
In camp our hearts stay

Leaving our best days
Remembering the fun
We had while sharing
and living as one

And I'm leaving, but the feeling (w o-oh) never dies

Shedding our last tears
A comrades goodbye
Praying the winter days
Will roll swiftly by

Red Team March Tune: Ohio

1 Red team is marching onward, we know we can't stop now
Grey team will fear our coming, to read the weaker bow
2 Make way for red team power, we raise our banners high
Returning from the ashes to triumph over all

We have the spirit the drive and the strength to win
Grey says the same even though red has the answer
Each battle it seems we're stronger
How can you lose when you know.....

Now that grey team has been beaten
We march with heads held high
Our strength can not be depleted
Red spirit never dies

Gray Team Alma Mater - 1977

Summers end is near
Camp is almost through
Time to reflect on us and to
Use all that we have learned in camp
Making each a better man, a better man

Color war has come to an end
Time to get back with a friend
Sharing again as we know we can
Making each a better man, a better man

On our own away from home
Life may be harder
But together with our friends we go farther
And next year when I return
I'll be a starter, yes I will!!!

Homeward bound we will soon be
Taking with us a treasury
Of memories that we hold so dear
Using them throughout the year
To be a man, to be a man, to be a man