Camp Songs

1968 Carousel of Grey: (Tune: Carousel Waltz)
"Grey members are proud to be a part of festivities. Joyously singing our name, Balloons dancing in the sky, Grey team will never die, On to our circus of fame."

Red Music Men (Tune: Music, Music, Music [Put Another Nickel In])
"Red Team girls go marching in, with our spirit sure to win, All that you can hear us sing is victory! Victory! Victory! Red Team, our dear old red team, now we are singing you a (happy?) tune, Victory is coming soon..."

Grey Greeks (Tune: Angels We Have Heard on High) [Betty & Lou didn't like this one]
"Onward to Olympius, To the mount where one great morn, Heavens opened, Zeus appeared, Flashed an eye and Greece was born"
"All thunder crashing, All lightning smashing, As Greeks approach Olympius, On to roads of glory. Greek Gods are soaring, Greek Gods are roaring, As Greeks approach Olympius, On to roads of victory."
"On this Mount Olympius, from the Gods, we did acquire. Courage, friendship, wisdom great, And the strength to never tire." Chorus

Not sure what year or team....
"Sunrise breaks the morning dawn, Parts the curtain of the night, whispering a scene reborn, Lost horizons stand faithfully in sight, The waves washing the shore, A sail swaying in a wind's sigh, The blue mountains guard, A symphony set neath the sky. For you ever lead us, To the pathways of our glory. Eternal. Amen."

Tune: Dem Bones
"G-R-E-Y, G-R-E-Y
Oh the G's for the Grey that we are
and the R's for the Red that we'll beat
and E's for the Energy the we've got
and the Y's for the yell yell spirit and vim

Let's go Grey team, let's really go
Let's show the Red what we know
Let's go Grey team, let's really go
and there's the sound of the Grey team."

Remember walking to the dining room with this one?
"Lily, lily of the valley
Lily, lily let's be pal-sies
Step up keep your eye on the ball
Left foot, right foot, forward 2,3,4 (repeat)

Blazing Red Broadway
Dazzling and shining and filled with the glamor of space
Blazing Red Broadway, it's got the style, so smile, you're in the right place
Red Broadway will never be grey
Gonna keep it bright,
Yes, Red Broadway will shine tonight.

Another color war alma mater:
Warmed by the sun in the Ranger Skies, we cannot let life' s dreams pass by.
Often to busy to stop and see what the world has given, world has given, you and me
Are the trees casting a shadow? Blocking a vision?
Of nature that's found here and civilization?
Do you appreciate the nature of living? Striving for friendships, sharing and giving
Is all this priceless wealth just passing through hands?
Taken for granted what we don't understand, are we just taken for granted what we don't understand
Warmed by the sun in the Ranger skies we cannot let life's dreams pass by
Often to busy to stop and see what the world has given, world has given

Another dining room ditty:
One two three four, three four your red white, three four your red white red white red
Five six seven eight grey team is really great, grey team is really great win grey win

Tune: Davey Crockett
Camper counselor there you are; There's no doubt that you'll go far
With hustle and muscle he fights for the red, but we have no worry for all the muscle's in his head
Howie hopes your parents tip, keep that whistle in your lip;
Camper counselor, there you are!