Camp Songs

Remember our Intercamp Games welcome song?

"We welcome you to Ranger camp, we're mighty glad you're here. We send the air reverberating with a mighty cheer. We'll sing you in, we'll sing you out, For you, we'll raise a mighty shout. Hail, hail, the gang's all here, and you're welcome to Ranger camp."

"We're the girls from Ranger straight as can be. We hail from Ranger, center of the universe and continent. And we're a bunch of good girls, good girls are we. We hail from Ranger for vic-to-ry."

"Ranger Camp, hats off to thee. To thy colors true we will ever be Firm and strong, united are we. Rah RahRah, Sis Boom Bah, Hitch your wagon to a star Rah rah for Ranger Camp."

Color War 1962
"Charge Through, ride onward Grey Gauchos, striving to beat the foe, let your voices go, sing it out, ring it out Gauchos. Our word, round up the great Red herd, Keeping our heads held high, reaching for the sky, Red team beat, can't defeat, Gray Gauchos cry. Riding across the plain, history will cry our name, Gray Gauchos on to fame - Gauchos - Ride on, ride on, ride on..."

Here's a one liner...anyone know the rest??
(Tune: Luck be a Lady)
"Luck let the Gray Gamblers win; Luck now's the time to begin..."

(Tune: "There is Nothing Like a Dame")
"We've got rock and we've got roll; we've got Brubeck and King Cole; We've got classics and the opera and Beethoven stirs the soul; Oscar II and then Moss Hart, why, we gave them both their start; Red Rhythm is the stuff that revolutionized the art."
(It continues to the tune of "I've Got Rhythm") - (How about finishing this one)
"We're Red Rhythm, razz & rhythm; Hear that rhythm, Red Rhythm's reached the heights. Beat that bongo, swing that sax, cats; Slide that trombone, (the Grays are gonna scat?) Hear our downbeat, sweet or sassy; Sharps and flats fly; loyalty in harmony.... _________________ as we upbeat; Wailing louder, Red Rhythm is steam heat; Our victory is complete."

(Tune: "June is Busting Out All Over")
"Balboa, he conquered the Pacific; Columbus, he proved the world was round; Henry Hudson found a river; And Cortez he made men quiver, And by all of these traditions, we are bound. We have a heritage of greatness; And we're gonna prove it all today; We have conquered England and Peru, Greece and Rome and Egypt too, And now the time has come to beat the Gray..

We are the Red. Red Team men have got the right of way, the sing is ours and we are here to stay. We have got the Grey Team sewn up so beware or you'll be shown up, cause the Red are here and we are proud to say, we are the Red. RED RED RED RED, marching on to VIC-TO-RY!"

How about this dining room favorite:
"John Jacob Jingle Heimenschmidt; His name is my name too, God forbid; And whenever we go out; You can hear the people shout; There goes John Jacob Jingle Heimenschmidt; Deeyahdee yahdee yahdee ..."

Color War 1970:
(Tune: Jubilation T. Cornpone)
"Grey Hillbillies have come to tell you, our country living is best. Farming makes us self-sufficient just put our ways to the test. And we will keep those city folk out of here, Or revenooers we have no fear, Country living just suits us right, We're gonna win tonight.

(Tune: Before the Parade Passes By)
Hillbilly Grey, marching by, Hearing our voice, our hopes held up high. Making our way, to the top, Now that we're going we can't be stopped. Hillbilly Grey, we're all kin, We stick together through thick and thin, With no fancy clothes We dance our do-si-do's, The stars above provide our light. Under the sunny skies, We live our simple lives, from out of the hills, the Reds will hear our victory cries, As Hillbilly Grey, wins tonight!"