Camp Songs

Here are the bits and pieces of those long remembered, over-sung but dear to our hearts camp songs that added spice to our summer and indigestion to our meals.

"A Ranger girl is quite a treat, she's just a hundred pounds from head-to-feet. She's got a smile, a style, a winning way. No matter where you go you'd recognize her and you'd say now 'There's a girl I like to know. She's got that good old Ranger pep and go. And just to look at her it's quite a treat, hard to beat, a Ranger Girl!'"

"Crashing through (crashing through) hail our team (hail our team). Raise the dust (raise the dust) banners gleam (banners gleam). For it's all to see that Camp Ranger will ever be, Will ever be! Bugles blast (bugles blast) banners fall (banners fall), we heed the call. Thunder will break (break). The earth will shake (shake) Ranger men march on to victory. Victory, hail our team; victory, hail our team. Victory! Victory! Victory!"

"25 days to salvation, then we go to the station, back to men and temptation, I WANNA GO HOME!!!"

"When I fall in love, it won't be at Ranger, where I'll never fall in love. In a lit up camp like this is, 50 feet is as close as you come! And there are no moon light kisses - to be ruined by that artificial sun"

"Out of the night - when the full moon is bright - comes a Chevy beaming its light"

"Spirit in the woods beats a hollow drum, from the teeming forest the grey team comes, singing all together in unison. Hail grey team hail!"

"I've got that Ranger spirit all over me, I've got it all over me, I've got it all over me. I've got that Ranger spirit all over me, I've got it all over me to stay-ay-ay!"

"Make new friends and keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold!"

"Friends, friends, friends. We will always be! Whether in fair or in dark stormy weather the Ranger Camp will hold us together. The Red and the Grey, we will always be. Love may pervade us til death separate us, we're friends, friends, friends!"

"She's walking behind you wherever you go, with her straw hat and glasses and a smile we all know. So don't plan your raids girls - or else you will find, as you sneak 'cross boys' campus - she's walking behind!"

"Now run along home and jump into bed, say your prayers and cover your head. The very same thing I say unto you. You dream of me and I'll dream of you. AND I'LL HAVE NIGHTMARES!"

"Here's to (fill in name) and the way she does the hula hop, here's to _____ and the way she does the hula hop!"

"_____ is a social flop. She can't do the hula hop!"

"On the 26th of July, the red team was born. Born for the purpose of victory and glo-o-ry fight till the end, with all of your might Red team, red team, fight, fight, fight!"

"A toast to ranger, your trees your campus green. The friendships you have brought us at this wooded mountain scene, The songs we sing at dinner, the cheering on the field; It all adds up to spirit and in that we'll never yield. So here's to Ranger - you've let us carry back The memories of happiness that time cannot retract. The ideals you have taught us, we'll carry our lives through, For this we are indebted, so Ranger - here's to you."

"Boom, singa, boom singa dadeadeada"

"We sing to Camp Ranger, your Silver Lake and blue skies, Gold sunlight and green trees, this is where our hearts lie. We sing to Camp Ranger where one never wanders alone. We'll cherish our days here - for we've found our home. With hope and love we pray, bless Ranger Red and Gray. Dear camp we pledge to thee our friendships eternally. In the winter we shall recall the friendships born to us here. To Red and to Gray we say, 'See you next year.'"

"By the glistening silver waters, wavelets lapping at the shore, nestling close among the verdant mountains tall, stands Camp Ranger, home of memories that will live forever more, through the long nostalgic hours of the fall. In the shadow of your forest linger all our memories, in the solid hills the faith to keep us strong. In the sunlit fields we gather to cement our friendships true and to vow that we'll be back again 'ere long. In the final hours of a summer fair - Camp Ranger, the voice of a small child is heard in prayer - Camp Ranger. 'Dear Lord,' it says as the end draws near, 'I know you can't keep the summer here. But please, God let me come back next year. Camp Ranger'"